Even more astonishing - this trader was a complete
novice with no experience trading options!

In just a moment I’ll reveal exactly how this trader earned $41 million in only 3 years using a strategy that when understood properly could create a lifetime of wealth for you and your loved ones.

And it doesn’t require you to predict or gamble on which way the market will move next. You can profit whether the market moves up, down, or sideways.

I know that sounds too good to be true and I don’t blame you for being skeptical. The truth is, I didn’t believe it either until I personally put it to the test and verified it myself.

Over the last two years I’ve made exactly 92 trades using this misunderstood option strategy... 89 have been profitable with only 3 small losers.

That’s a 96.6% winning percentage. And I can tell you firsthand, it’s dumbfounding how quickly the profits pile up in your account.

In just a moment, I’ll prove how profitable and safe this strategy can be and dissolve any skepticism and fear you may have.

I’m sure you’ve heard options are risky. Nothing could be further from the truth. When traded properly, options can be much safer than even stocks – and more lucrative.

However, despite the tremendous safety options provide, most people still lose money trading options because their approach resembles a game of roulette.

They buy calls if they think the market is going up and buy puts if they think it’s going down. It’s like betting on red or black on the roulette wheel, only the odds are worse - here’s why:

Options have an expiration date. So not only do you have to predict specific market direction, you have to know precisely when that move will occur and how far it will move.

Will it happen in a day, week, month or longer? And will it move 5%, 10%, 15% or more? It’s a suckers game where the odds are stacked heavily against you.

I’m not saying there aren’t times to speculate on specific market direction using call and put options. Take Andrew Lahde who used put options to speculate on a crash in the housing sector in 2007 and 2008 and turned $10 million into $97 million in less than a year.

Or John Paulson who turned his $3 billion hedge fund into over $15 billion doing the exact same thing. The movie, “The Big Short,” is all about the fortunes these guys made using put options to speculate on a crash in the mortgage market.

In fact, the Friday before Bear Stearns made their saber-rattling announcement of insolvency, my colleague here at our firm, also loaded up on put options and sold them the following Monday for a 419% profit.

That means $5,000 grew into $25,950… $10,000 into $51,900… and $50,000 ballooned into $259,500 – all over a single weekend. Talk about manna from the sky. When you get it right, you can create life-changing profits virtually overnight.

It’s true, Lahde, Paulson, and my colleague all made fortunes buying options, so there are times when it makes sense - but you must know when the odds tilt in your favor.

I’ll teach you the exact set-ups my colleague and I both use in our own trading to identify the best option buying opportunities. Set-ups that can significantly increase your chance of success and potentially land you windfall profits like these subscribers:

It feels good to write a success story after a month of waiting, but no complaints. The stock market in October was very tricky and required patience. Last Wednesday I bought some bearish trades and they lost 50% of their value. On Thursday I added to my position and sold everything the following Tuesday at break-even. However, the shining trade was the calls I purchased on FAZ for $2 and sold for $6.70 and made $47,000. Thanks.
- Naseem

Thanks for your help. I bought calls on GLD and GDX and in six days I made $3,500. I can’t thank you enough.
- Norm

As you can see, buying options requires patience and optimal set-ups don’t come along every day. Not to mention – sometimes the volatility can be gut wrenching.

When all the stars align giving you the right odds, it makes a ton of sense. But because markets typically chop around more than they trend, especially in the short-term, selling options, or what I refer to as selling “insurance premiums” is a much safer and easier way to consistently create wealth in the stock market.

Profits That Don’t Depend On Market Direction

The best part... your profits don’t depend on market direction. You’ll never lose sleep again wondering which way the market moves next.

And over time, as your profits compound, the strategies and techniques I’m going to share with you, which in my experience have a 96.6% winning rate, can be much more lucrative than buying calls and puts.

It’s how every major Wall Street bank and Financial Institution trades options. It’s even rumored that Goldman Sachs used the very strategy I’m going to share with you to go an entire quarter without a single losing trade… and earned a record $100 million per day for 35 of those days.

JP Morgan also used it to earn a chunk of its $5.4 billion in recent fourth quarter profits. And according to Forbes: Through Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett has sold several billion dollars’ worth of [option premiums].

Here’s why they do it:

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) ran some numbers over a 3 year period and determined that 76.5% of all options expired worthless. That’s terrible news for options buyers. But it’s great news for you and me... and the reason Wall Street’s elite traders sell options.

By selling options instead of buying them, you turn the tables in your favor. Everything you ever thought was risky about options becomes a huge safety net because you are on the receiving end of the premiums.

Now when “the gamblers” are wrong (76.5% of the time), you’re collecting their losses as your profits and generating wealth.

If you are new to options, let me explain a basic yet very powerful strategy for generating substantial income from solid blue-chip stocks.

The strategy is selling puts. If you already understand this, it will only take a second and should be relatively pain free :).

Earn Consistent Profits Just Like Insurance Companies

Buying a put option on a stock you own is similar to buying insurance on a car. When you buy car insurance you pay monthly (or annual) premiums to insure your car in the event of an accident. If you never get in an accident you lose the premiums which become the profit of the insurance company.

If you do get in an accident you have the right to “put” (require them to restore to full value) the car to the insurance company for full value less your deductible.

When you buy a put (insurance) on a stock, you pay a premium, but now your stock is insured in the event of an accident (stock drops to certain value). If the stock doesn’t drop below the insured price (accident never happens), you lose the premium which becomes the profit of the put seller.

If the stock does drop (accidents happen), you have the right to “put” the stock to the insurance company (put seller) for full value less your deductible.

Since put buyers lose their premium 76.5% of the time, the put seller who is acting as the insurance company keeps the entire premium as his profit 76.5% of the time on average.

If the put option doesn’t expire worthless, then you may have to buy shares in the company on which you sold the put (insurance).

However, if you only sell puts on stable blue-chip companies, at a price where the stock would be significantly undervalued, and you end up owning shares in an undervalued and incredibly profitable company... it’s a good thing!

And don’t worry, if you’d prefer not to own the stock, even at an incredibly undervalued price, there are ways to sell put options that mitigate the risk of stock ownership to practically nothing.

Once you learn how to successfully sell options, never again will you be an accident victim or option gambler. You’ll be in the seat of insurance companies, casinos, and Wall Street’s top institutions... making big and consistent profits.

Think about it. Who puts more money in his pocket, the guy at the roulette table betting on red or black, or the casino?

That’s why casinos and insurance companies are some of the most lucrative businesses in the world. They use probabilities to earn profits by insuring events that rarely happen. Let me repeat that, they use probabilities to earn profits by insuring events that rarely happen!

Buffett Loves Selling Put Options

Selling puts is Warren Buffett’s favorite option strategy. He uses it as a way to acquire stocks at a guaranteed price by selling a put (insuring a stock) at a price he would be comfortable buying the stock at anyway (in case it gets “put” to him) and creates extra income to boot.

Case in point. In 1993 Buffett wanted to purchase five million shares of Coca-Cola at $35 a share. It was trading at $39 then. He sold 50,000 put contracts and insured the stock for $35 ($4 below the current price) and collected $7.5 million in upfront cash premiums.

If the stock dropped to $35 or lower he would be assigned the stock. All that means is he would have to buy shares in Coca-Cola at $35 per share, which he wanted to do anyway. Either way he got to keep the $7.5 million in cash so it was a win-win for him.

By selling put options, rather than buying the stock outright, he not only guaranteed the price he paid for Coca-Cola ($35), he got paid extra income to boot.

He did the same thing in 2008 for his investment in the railway company, Burlington Northern Santa Fe. He sold nearly 5.5 million put options to establish a stake in the company before he purchased the entire company and took it private.

That same year he also sold put options on various stock indices around the world and generated up front premiums of $4.9 billion that he then used to buy other cash-gushing companies at deep discounts.

However, selling put options is just one strategy, there are a several other strategies which involve selling both calls and puts (sometimes simultaneously) to create substantial income without any obligation to buy the stock if you don’t want to.

And other strategies where you sell a put to finance the purchase of a call and can really “juice” your returns. It’s option trading on steroids.

Now, don’t go out and start selling options right away. Selling puts on stocks you want to own can be an ultra-conservative strategy when you know what you are doing.

But there are some specific strategies you’ll want to avoid. For example, in theory, selling “naked” calls carries unlimited risk, which is why I don’t use or teach this strategy. However, I will teach you several low-risk strategies which involve selling hedged calls-never naked-to generate income.

Don’t worry if this sounds confusing or you are new to options. I’ll teach you all the ins and outs including 5 specific strategies to safely and consistently make money as an option seller in any market condition - with minimal risk.

These techniques, coupled with specific trading opportunities I will share with you every single month (more on this just ahead), can be a more conservative and lucrative way to create wealth than buying stocks themselves.

And the cash you’ll generate by selling these premiums can be used to pay bills, take a needed vacation, bring a spouse home from work, quit your job, buy rock solid blue-chip companies, or anything else money can buy.

It’s how Warren Buffett created all his wealth. Don’t think for one minute that Buffett made the bulk of his money buying blue-chip stocks like Coca-Cola, Johnson and Johnson, or Tootsie Roll.

Buffett created the majority of his wealth actually selling insurance through Geico to willing buyers. He was on the receiving end of “interest-free” premiums or capital.

Sure, he pays out on an “rare” insurance claim, but in the meantime he uses those premiums to buy rock-solid blue chip companies which over time significantly increase in value. That’s how he became one of the world’s richest men.

Just as Buffett sold insurance premiums and made a fortune, the trader I mentioned earlier also sold option (insurance) premiums to earn $41 million in only 3 years!

I’ll teach you a conservative variation of her strategy but I’m jumping the gun. Let me back up and introduce myself.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Thomas Moore and I’m an ex-trader at one of the largest banks in the country. My career at the bank solidified just how rigged Wall Street is against the little guy – especially as an option buyer.

When retail investors buy options, professional traders, guys like myself and my colleagues at the bank, can’t get in line fast enough to take the other side of the trade and sell as many contracts as possible.

It’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen to “free” money. As long as the stock doesn’t move above or below a certain price, which can be quite far from the current price, then the option expires worthless and the seller (you) keeps the premium.

Every so often an option buyer gets lucky and the stock makes a big move. And just like Buffett pays out on a “rare” insurance claim, an option seller sometimes has to pay out too.

When done right, all that means is you have to buy shares in a great company that is deeply undervalued with lots of upside recovery potential... so not a big deal. In fact, it can often make you even more money when the stock recovers.

But most of the time (76.5% to be exact), options purchased by retail investors expire worthless and your profits from selling these premiums more than make up for an occasional loss here and there.

Not to mention these premiums can be reinvested over and over again. Let me give you an example of how profitable selling options can be.

In this chart, Home Depot traded in a range between $75 and $82 per share, but made virtually no net gain for six months. So other than the 1.2% you would have collected in dividends, you would be break-even after six months.

Of course you could have tried to buy calls and puts, timing each swing between $75 and $82 and maybe got lucky, probably not!

That’s the reason most option traders lose money… the stock doesn’t move far enough in the desired direction before reversing and moving just as far in the opposite direction… in the meantime the options expire. Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself. That’s why the majority of the time, selling options is a much better way to make money.

Using one of the most conservative option selling strategies you’ll learn... so safe it can even be done in an IRA... you could have generated a 1 month return on Home Depot of 3.42%.

Initially that may not sound like a lot. But using this strategy month after month you could have potentially generated upwards of a 15% - 20% on a stock that traded sideways for 6 months.

Over the course of a year, using this exact strategy... reinvesting your profits of course... your annual return could potentially be as high at 35% which is nothing to scoff at. It doubles your money every two years - with much less risk than buying stocks outright.

Consider David Tepper who earned $3.5 billion in 2013 making him the highest paid hedge fund manager in the world. Since founding his fund in 1993 he’s averaged 30% returns per year, turning every $1 million invested in his fund into $149 million today.

How $50,000 Turns Into $20.2 Million!

Maybe you don’t have $1 million to start with, but even $50,000 compounded at 35% per year grows into $20,213,678 over the same time frame. But let’s be honest, do you really need $20 million to have a comfortable retirement? My guess is even $2 to $3 million would do the trick.

So even if you are starting with only $10K to $20K, you could still end up with a huge chunk of cash and have a very comfortable retirement.

Where else in a “zero interest rate world” can you potentially double your money every two years? Especially with today’s bull market getting long in the tooth.

It now qualifies as one of the longest bull markets in history without a 20% correction along the way – making the market more “dangerous” with each passing day.

If you’re already retirement age, you can’t afford to take high risks. In my opinion, buying stocks at these levels certainly qualifies as “too much risk”. In fact, according to Buffett’s “single best measure” of valuation, the US stock market is positioned for annual returns of 1.8% going forward – including dividends.

Are you willing to subject your entire life savings to extreme risks for a pathetic 1.8% annual return going forward?

The good news is, you can use this conservative option selling strategy to consistently generate monthly returns between 1.5% and 3.5%. When you annualize those kinds of returns it works out to be 18% to 42%.

That means even a modest retirement nest egg of $70,000 to $150,000 could potentially earn an extra $1,050 to $5,250 per month in spendable income.

Some investors, working with even smaller portfolios, have done even better like Doug W. who wrote in to say:

I subscribed to your service about four months ago… In my first month I realized a $938 cash profit on a capital base of about $5,000 which works out to be 18.8%. In my second month I earned 7%, third month 16.4% and so far in the current months I’m up 11%. That’s a total of 53.2% in only 4 months. To say I am happy would be an understatement. I am thrilled! Your recommendations are making me a successful trader. Thank you very, very much.

And Robert F. who said:

I admire your dedication to a fine product. I started with $5,000 and after two trades I am presently showing $9,466. I am now having my son open his account to join us. Thank you for helping me reach my Goal.

What would an extra $1,000 to $5,000 a month do for you right now? This is money that can immediately be used to pay bills, send grandkids to college, travel the world, give to church and charity, reinvest for even greater profits down the road or anything else money can buy.

And that’s just 1 of 5 different strategies you’ll learn... allowing you to profit by selling option premiums… some with the potential to compound your money at even higher rates of return.

Plus, I’ll teach you 4 additional strategies that involve buying options, which under the right market conditions... which I’ll share with you... can create mind-boggling profits.

What Other Rebel Income Subscribers Are Saying

I’m so excited about this method of generating extra income. Since subscribing to your service I have made 12 trades. All 12 have been winners. My average return on invested capital is 8.63% in only 19 days. Annualized that works out to be 160.86%. I’ve been trading financial markets for over 20 years and I’ve never seen a safer more consistent way to earn high rates of return with complete peace of mind.
Shane H.

That’s why I love trading options. When used properly, they are the most versatile trading instrument that exists – and they can be the safest and most profitable too.

Option trading isn’t a fad or gimmick that will be here today and gone tomorrow. It’s a proven technique that has been used for nearly 50 years by institutions, hedge funds, and private equity groups to build huge fortunes.

Earlier I mentioned a trader who sold option premiums and generated $41 million in net profits in only 3 years. The most astonishing part is she didn’t start out as a Wall Street mogul.

In fact, prior to 2002 she knew nothing about stocks or options. She had a small six-figure retirement fund, managed by a mutual fund manager who consistently underperformed the market. That was the extent of her market experience.

To protect her identity, I’ll refer to her as “Peggy”. However, everything I will share with you about her she recently shared in a national interview.

What Others Have To Say

I have been a subscriber for six months. After paper trading the first month I was impressed enough to continue my subscription and start trading for real. I haven’t lost on a single trade on your “trade of the week” selections. I’m on track to earn 40% on an annualized basis which doubles my money every two years. I’m absolutely thrilled with your service. Keep up the great work!

Allan S.

My wife and I love your trade set ups, especially the short time frame until expiration which gives us complete peace of mind and a higher rate of return. Thank you for providing us with such a good report!

Wing-Non & Wendy H.

Thomas, What better time than today to thank you for allowing me to be a subscriber to Rebel Income. I am 92 years old and for years have lost money trying to find a way to make money consistently using options. Your newsletter is a blessing and I Wish you many years of continued success. Kindest regards & Happy Thanksgiving,

Bob F.

In late 2001, early 2002 Peggy’s friend invited her to attend a free seminar on stock and option trading. At the seminar they were offered the opportunity to invest in an educational program that lasted over a year and promised to teach them how to trade both stocks and options.

The price tag for the program was a whopping $20,000. Peggy said there was no way she would ever invest that kind of money.

However, with some arm-twisting from her friend she reluctantly gave in and they took the plunge. After completing the educational program, she took a small amount of capital (under $10,000) and began to dabble in the markets – mostly trading stocks.

Selling Options Changed Everything

After several years of poor results trying to guess market direction she grew extremely frustrated. But rather than quit and give up, she turned to the options market.

Sick and tired of trying to predict market direction, she decided to trade options the same way professionals do, which is to sell option premium and profit whether the market moves up a bit, down a bit, or trades sideways.

Her initial results were shocking… her confidence shot through the roof... and she decided to move her $100,000 retirement fund into her brokerage account and manage her own money.

Her strategy is very simple. It involves selling two options simultaneously, both out-of-the money (a good distance from the current market price) mitigating her risk by as much as 95%.

As the market chopped around and stayed within a fairly wide range, the options expired worthless and she kept all the premium. She then repeated this trade month after month and her first year earned a 50% return on her money as an option seller.

Word of her success traveled quickly among family, friends, and neighbors... who all started beating her door down to manage their money too.

Long story short. She raised tens of millions of dollars in investment capital and over a 3 year period netted $41 million in profits, all with the same option selling strategy.

Think about this: At 50% per year your money doubles every 16 months, at 35% per year it doubles every 2 years. If you are doubling your money in two years or less, it doesn’t take long to build a huge fortune regardless of your starting capital.

David Tepper, earning 30% per year, turned every $1 million invested in his fund into $149 million today. Even $50,000, compounded at 35% per year over the same time frame grows to $20.2 million.

But like I mentioned earlier, $2 to $3 million creates a pretty lavish retirement for most people. So don’t worry if you only have $10K to $20K starting capital... you could still end up with a huge chunk of cash.

The possibility of retiring with millions of dollars in your portfolio is exciting for those not yet retired. But equally exciting for current retirees is the fact that high double digit returns from these conservative option selling strategies allow you to potentially generate huge monthly cash-flows even on a modest portfolio.

For example, using one of my favorite strategies (selling puts) and assuming a position size of 10 contracts, here’s what’s possible based on today’s option prices:

The opportunities are virtually endless. On any given day there is an opportunity to generate thousand of dollars in spendable cash from the safest and biggest blue chip companies in the world with much less risk than buying stocks outright.

Where else, on even a modest portfolio, can you generate an extra $1,000 to $5,000 per month or more? Owning a basket of strong dividend paying blue chip stocks might earn you 3% to 5% per year. But to generate $5,000 per month in income you’d need a nest egg of $1.2 to $2 million dollars.

Buying Stocks At These Levels Could Prove Foolish

Just remember, during the dotcom and real estate busts, even the strongest companies in the world got crushed. Could you stomach watching your retirement account get slashed in half just to earn 3% - 5%?

According to Buffett stocks are priced to earn a meager 1.8% per year including dividends. Over the last 18 months stocks have gained a total of 3.2%... it looks like Buffett nailed it.

If you are younger than 45, maybe you can afford to take huge risks in growth stocks, currency trading, futures trading or some other high risk investment. If not, you can’t afford to screw around!

In today’s zero interest rate world, income investors and retirees are starved for yields. Bloomberg recently reported that yields on some bonds haven’t been this low since the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 and it’s only getting worse. Now there are over $9 trillion in global bonds with negative yields - dumbfounding!

Today’s stagnant economy isn’t what it used to be. Societies, both individuals and governments, are saddled with enormous amounts of debt and yields have disappeared making it impossible to generate income from traditional fixed income investments.

Many top experts, including Jeff Gundlach who is considered the “Bond God,” believe this is the “new normal” and that rates could go even lower still. Which doesn’t offer a lot of hope to retirees who need income now, or future retirees who need to grow their portfolio at a much faster clip if they hope to retire at all.

The income generating strategies I’ll teach you, and the ability to copycat my exact trades, gives you the potential to earn up to 3.5% per month (sometimes more) in a conservative and hassle-free fashion without ever initially purchasing a stock. It can be the light at the end of tunnel for most traders, investors, and retirees.

The trick is knowing which option premiums are the best to sell to generate the greatest amount of income and mitigate the majority of the risk. I teach you all of this plus so much more when you become a member of my new Retirement Revival service.

Retirement Revival is a private “members only” digital subscription where each month I send you several opportunities to quickly build your retirement savings and generate a lucrative stream of income.

First, I’ll send you a deeply undervalued stock with an abnormally high dividend yield. I include an ideal buy range for the stock and a stop loss price. You can buy and hold each pick for both capital appreciation and dividend income.

Now you may be wondering why I would recommend buying stocks at all if selling option premiums is so lucrative.

The truth is I do believe the stock market in general is overpriced and a risky place to invest your hard earned capital.

However, the companies I’m recommending in each issue are trading way below their true intrinsic value, and according to my analysis the capital appreciation potential is between 50% and 100% from the initial buy price. Not to mention the dividend yields often range from 4% to 7%

I believe these companies will not only hold up during a correction or bear market, but could actually buck the trend and appreciate in value. But just in case, each company profiled includes a well thought out stop loss price to protect your capital at all costs.

In addition to each of these undervalued stock picks, I’ll also send you a specific put option premium you can sell for maximum income. Each put option trade will be on an entirely different stock than the first undervalued company I profile in each issue, and will target a return of 3% to 5% in 30 days or less.

Of course each put option trade will also be on a deeply undervalued company. So in the rare event that you have to buy shares, you are buying at a huge discount to the company’s true intrinsic value. Each put option trade includes the underlying security, strike price and expiration date.

Here are 4 actual put selling opportunities that I sent to my subscribers - all four trades worked out beautifully. Here is a recap of the returns that were generated from each pick:

Twitter: Option Premium Generated 4.6% in 23 Days... 55.2% Annualized
Ryland: Option Premium Generated 3.4% in 23 Days... 41% Annualized
Yahoo: Option Premium Generated 2.7% in 23 Days... 32.4% Annualized
Sotheby’s: Option Premium Generated 3.3% in 23 Days... 39.6% Annualized

Compounded and annualized the average return of these 4 trades works out to be 42.05%. That kind of return would double your money in less than two years.

Here’s the best part, I’ve been sending recommendations just like these to subscribers for the last two years and the track record is nothing short of spectacular.

We’ve closed 89 out of 92 winning trades... giving us a 96.6% win rate and only 3 small losers. Imagine making money on almost every trade you make… trust me, it’s life changing!

I created Retirement Revival due to a lack of legitimate services that educate individual traders about both the risks and rewards of option trading and then helps them succeed in creating a strong income selling option premiums. This is critical for retirees - especially in a zero-interest rate world.

My competitors charge anywhere from $997 to $2,995 per year for similar services and you pay the entire subscription upfront. And their track records aren’t nearly as impressive. But you won’t pay anywhere near that for Retirement Revival.

However, before I reveal how little you will pay for this incredible service, let me tell you about 2 free gifts I want to give you just for taking Retirement Revival for a risk-free trial.

Gift # 1 ($29 Value): My new book A Trade For All Seasons

In this 337 page book I reveal everything I’ve learned as an option trader over the last 20 years.

This is not a book full of fluff and other unnecessary filler material that has no practical application. This entire book was written with the end goal of helping you make money and create monthly cash-flow with options in real market situations.

Here are the 21 things you are guaranteed to learn in A Trade For All Seasons:

Gift # 2 ($499 Value): 6 Video Modules Totaling 34 Videos

Module 1 - Identifying The Perfect Time To Place A Trade

In this 6 video series you’ll learn the specific keys to look for when it comes to identifying perfect trade setups. Once you know precisely what to look for, it is easy to determine which specific strategy you should use.

Video 1 - Trading Signals And Rules

Video 2 - Trading Confirmation

Video 3 - Using Technical Indicators

Video 4 - Fibonacci And The Markets

Video 5 - Fibonacci Pivots And Trends

Video 6 - Fibonacci Time Cycles

Module 2 - Profit By Understanding Price Movement

In Module 2, you’ll learn to boost your profits by understanding price movement. Catching a trend early on or getting out of a trade that is about to rapidly move against you play a critical role in building long term wealth. This series will teach you to effectively analyze price movement by understanding candlestick formations and patterns, reversal patterns and support and resistance pivots.

Video 1 - Starting With Candlesticks

Video 2 - Analyzing Candlestick Formations

Video 3 - Analyzing Multiple Candlestick Patterns

Video 4 - Additional Reversal Patterns

Video 5 - Identifying Support Pivots

Video 6 - Identifying Resistance Pivots

Module 3 - Using Trend Analysis To Know Where The Market Is Headed Next

These next 5 videos cover trend analysis with a fine-tooth comb. Understanding where a trend is heading next is crucial to making substantial profits when it comes time to make a directional trade. Some of our best strategies don’t require you to know or guess at market direction, but like I said before, when all the stars align, directional trades can be some of the most profitable. This module will help you see and comprehend when and why a directional trade is stacking odds highly in your favor. It can mean triple digit profits in a single weekend.

Video 1 - Foundations Of Trend Analysis

Video 2 - Moving Averages And Trends

Video 3 - Trend Continuations

Video 4 - Trend Reversals

Video 5 - Using Trends To Forecast Future Price Action

Module 4 - Option Trading Essentials

If you’re brand new to options, this will get you started at the very basic level... and with the right information. If you’ve been trading options for a while, it maysurprise you what you’ll learn... or correct any false information you may have been taught by someone else.

Video 1 - Basic Options Concepts

Video 2 - Evolution Of The Options Market

Video 3 - Introduction To Options Trading

Video 4 - Options Terminology

Video 5 - Using Options Greeks

Module 5 - Essential Options Strategies

Next, we cover both basic and more advanced strategies you’ll need in your quiver. This will provide you with a foundation for understanding the mechanics of several types of options trades. It will teach you how to mitigate risk and how to generate substantial income right away with options.

Video 1 - Buying Call Options

Video 2 - Buying Put Options

Video 3 - Covered Calls

Video 4 - Protective Puts

Video 5 - Using LEAPS Options

Video 6 - Calendar Spreads

Module 6 - A Trading System That’s Right For You

In the last video series, you’ll learn to build your own trading system which is customized to your time commitment, risk-tolerance and financial goals. Of course you can just follow my blog posts and never have to worry about creating your own system if you don’t want to.

Video 1 - Identify Your Objectives

Video 2 - Trade Management

Video 3 - Your Trading Profile

Video 4 - Stop Loss Management

Video 5 - Choosing A Broker

Video 6 - Rebel Income - Building Your System

My new book A Trade For All Seasons and my 34 Digital video series is a $528 value and are yours free just for giving Retirement Revival a risk-free try.

The regular subscription rate for Retirement Revival is $197 per year, however, as part of a special marketing test and for a limited time I’m offering you the ability to become a member for the one-time introductory rate of only $49 for the entire year.

Selling one put option contract on the four trades I shared with you earlier, would have generated $502.67 in income in only 3 weeks and could have been done with less than $15K in your trading account.

Repeating income generating trades like that each and every month has the potential to result in thousands of dollars in your pocket and pays for the subscription several times over.

You may be asking why I would offer Retirement Revival for such a ridiculously low rate? The truth is, it doesn’t cost me anymore to post my income trades to 1,000 subscribers or 10,000 subscribers.

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Retirement Revival

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